Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lots of good stuff to read

This is my "semi occasional" (yes, that's my own made up word) link post. I've been too busy to write much and today I'm playing catch up. There is so much good stuff out there that I can't do separate posts on them all so I'm just gonna link and make quick comments.
This "State of Information Security" report of sorts from Mark Curphey is gives his take on several issues regarding security.
Richard Bejtlich gives us "no hope" in getting ahead of the game when it comes to securing our networks and systems. Unfortunately he may be right, but I'm not ready to give up yet. I also thing that even though he is "depressed" Michael Farnum isn't ready either. Of course Richard isn't a total pessimist either. He promises some defensive strategies in the near future that will brighten our outlook.
Rebecca Herold has some good points on Security Awareness Training. This is one of my favorite topics, especially since I'm in the middle of creating a program for my company. I look forward to seeing more details on her upcoming offering.
This is another good post on SA Training.

Now for the awards!
Blog post that I am MOST sick of seeing. I've seen this sooooooooooo many time in my Google blog search listings that I am really ready to delete the search and just rely on other blogs that I read keeping me linked to the new and good stuff out there. I'm also so tired of seeing it that I'm not gonna link to it I'll just give you the post title. I'm sure all of you have seen it. Welcome, Postini Team.

Best story of the week has to go to the one about Michelle Madigan getting kicked out of DefCon for trying to get video of the event w/o registering as press. It would have been so much easier for her to do her story if she had just stayed on the up and up. Of course that would not have made for very exciting coverage.

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