Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Monday, January 21, 2008

A little clarity

I've gotten a bit of feedback on my post "Will Malware Kill the Internet" and I want to clarify a few things.

  • I don't really think that malware will kill the internet. As Kurt Wismer put it "malware profiteers need the internet"
  • I won't quit using the internet. I can assure you that I my usage will most likely increase not decrease. Just today I joined Twitter.
  • I may quit using the Internet for financial dealings. Things such as online banking, stocks, etc...
  • For online purchases I'll probably start using one time use credit card numbers.

I do have fears that things will continue to get more dangerous to the average user. I'm not an average user. I'm very careful but as the bad guys get smarter and better at what they do it makes it more difficult for even the most careful of us.

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