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Security's Everyman

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Twitteriffic!

I'm on Twitter. I don't use it much. It's mostly a novelty. I use it to converse a little and to see what others are talking about that may be of interest. Sometimes I find good things to talk about in regards to Information Security. This is the main reason that I joined Twitter. A few of my friends from the Security Catalyst Community had accounts and so I thought I'd see what all the buzz was about. Soon after that Jennifer Leggio (MediaPhyter) created a "Twit List" of Security Professionals. It's lovingly called "Security Twits".

I've noticed that the level of participation varies from person to person. Some twit almost constantly. Some twit rarely. Some twit from work, home, school, conferences, birthing rooms, cars, airports, just about any where you can imagine. Some use the web interface while others use IM clients, Twitter clients, or their mobile phone/PDA. The twittering varies also in content. It might be a "I'm currently doing <fill in the blank>. Sometimes it's asking questions, posting links, making comments. Talking about sports, work, anything and everything.

What I've noticed though is that some people tell a little too much information. They seem to forget a couple of things.

  1. There could be lots and lots of people following them who do nothing but "lurk". They don't twit back. They just sit and listen. Who are they? What are the listening for? I know that I've had people "follow" me who are following thousands of people. There is NO way that they can be keeping up with all the conversations. So what are they doing? Are they harvesting all you say for some other reason? Research, information gathering about your company, looking for a way to discredit you, blackmail?
  2. Some people who are at work twit a lot about what they are doing and it's not work. Sure it may be a slow day and maybe the company doesn't mind you doing non-work related things from time to time, but then again, maybe they do.
  3. It's still the Internet which means that once you put it out there it's out there to stay. Remember there is NO privacy on the Internet.

So, my fellow "Tweeples" (as Kevin Riggins likes to say) be careful out there.

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