Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Friday, August 11, 2006

Microsoft Woes

It seems that Microsoft never learns from its mistakes. Just when you think that maybe they are getting their act together something else happens to blacken their eye. I have yet to do any testing on Vista on my own and after all I have read I don't think that I want to. Other than marketing hype I can't think of one really good thing that I have read about it. It's supposed to be their most secure OS ever (we've heard that before) and yet all I have read is about its security flaws and blue screens. I guess staying in Blue Screen would keep it secure. :)

There is also talk that the IP stack is brand new which means untested and ripe for the picking. They had just recently gotten the one they had in pretty good shape and now they change. I just don't understand how they have gotten to be the dominate OS in the market. I guess if Security had been as "popular" in the days of 3.x and 95 then Windows would probably have died a hard death.

I also read today that they have something called PatchGuard in Vista that is supposed to keep any software but Microsoft’s from hooking into the kernel. Sounds like a great thing until you realize that a lot of 3rd party software such as AV, Firewalls, and such need to do just this to be effective. Does that mean that we will have to rely on Microsoft to provide these services also? I hope not.

I've never spent much time in the world of Linux but it’s looking more and more inviting all the time. Maybe I'll actually build that Suse box I've been thinking about.

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