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Security's Everyman

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Blackjack

For the last 4 years my previous employer supplied me with a Blackberry. It was my first "smart phone" and I loved it. I started out with a 6510 which was old when I got it. Then I upgraded to a 8703e which I really liked. Color screen, pretty fast data speeds, more memory, etc... When I left that job I had to leave my Blackberry and get my own phone and calling plan. As I was looking at what carrier to use, what plan to get and what phone to get I kept looking at the free and low (under $50) phones. What can I say I'm cheap. As I looked at them I just couldn't get past the fact that I was losing so much functionality by going with one of those phones. Not to mention not having a full keyboard. I HATE having to push the 2 key three times to type a "C". I also dislike the fact that most of these phones don't allow you to associate more than one number with a contact and many of them don't give you a place to add email addresses or notes. Then there is the whole ordeal of having to manually add contacts to many of them. So I decided to go with a Samsung Blackjack. I didn't even get a data plan so I'm not using many of the features, but just having the "key" features that I'm used to is VERY nice. It's a little different than the Blackberry but close enough that there was not much of a learning curve. Overall I like it. The call quality is really clear and the features on it are useful. There are a few things that I don't care for but they are mostly semantics and I'm sure I'll get used to it. Now if I'd just get a little less cheap and subscribe to a data plan I'm sure I'd be thrilled. Maybe once I go permanent with my employer I'll take the plunge.

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SamVR said...

Hi Andy - I've been using the BlackJack with an unlimited dataplan for the past couple of months. While I also love the smartphone capabilities, I LOVE being able to get/send emails wherever I am and use the browser for a myriad of things. Two things that annoy the hell out of me though: the data signal is not consistent - I am always having it switch from 3G to Edge and back in the middle of transactions (even after a phone replacement). I also hate not being able to punch in letters with numbers when I get a general answering system that requires you to spell out the person you are looking for. Just a couple of thoughts.

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