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Security's Everyman

Monday, September 17, 2007

Security Purchases Poll Results

Voting was way down this week. Either it was a lousy question or not enough people voted early on and forgot about it. It could also be due to my lack of posting last week. I know traffic to the site was down.

Here is the question and answer choices:

In your Organization are most security purchases based on

1) Reaction to an event or scare 30%
2) Cool Toy "C" level wants to implement 13%
3) Careful Research 30%
4) Good sales pitch by vendor 17%
5) Other (Please leave comment w/ details) 8%

I was glad to see that careful research was up at the top. It wasn't as high as we would like to see it but at least it tied for first. The fact that many purchases are based on a "reaction" isn't surprising but a little disturbing. It's sad that many companies won't take reasonable steps until something bad happens then they often end up buying the wrong solution or buying something that isn't the best fit for their environment.

I also wanted to thank Alex and Dr. Anton for pointing out a couple of options that I left out. I had them in my mind when I wrote the first option (Reaction to an event or scare) but failed to put them in their own category. They are Risk reduction and compliance. Two of the biggest factors in our decisions (or should be) and I forgot them. That's what happens when you try to do something quickly.

I'll have a new poll out shortly. I know you can't wait. :) Please vote this time!!!!!


Dr Anton Chuvakin said...

Hey Andy,

What do you use for in-blog polls?

Andy, ITGuy said...

Dr Anton, Blogger has a "built in" poll feature that you can access via the customize option. It had a pretty nasty vulnerability in it that I'm not sure has been fixed yet. That is why I have not done a poll for the last few weeks. I need to see if it has been fixed.

Dr Anton Chuvakin said...

Thanks! I am actually using a beta blogger (it seems) and so I don't have this button :-(

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