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Security's Everyman

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Travel, training and technology

Over the last couple of weeks I've been to two different "free" one day classes. The first one was put on by TechTarget's and focused on Data Protection and Storage. It consisted of 3 or 4 sessions talking about various aspects of security data and a couple of round table discussions. This is the second free TechTarget seminar I've been to and I have to say that both of them were pretty good. Especially for the price. :) They both have been informative and I've either learned something new or they spurred some thoughts and ideas that have proven to be helpful to me.

The second class was done by Foundstone. It was a one day mini class of their Hacking Essentials class. The presenter was Carric Dooley and he spent the day covering basic hacking essentials. He discussed some of the threats, attack methods and ways we can protect against them. It was a good day but I don't think that I really learned anything new. Again, it did spur some thoughts and I met some good people that I look forward to getting to know better over the next few weeks. I must say I'm glad that Carric is on the good guys side. He is a smart guy that I wouldn't want trying to break into my network.

Hopefully I'm going to be in Cincinnati for a couple of days the week of the 24th. I'm planning on taking some Cisco training up there. If anyone is in the area let me know and maybe we can meet up. Then in October I'm going to Orlando for a day or two to meet with the other members of the Symantec Advisory Council and some of Symantecs team, including John Thompson. That will be a whirlwind trip, but hopefully it will be beneficial. The Symantec Council has been pretty much inactive since the beginning but they now seem to be on the road to getting it going. I know that Santa members who are also members of the will be there and I'm hoping that a couple of my buddies from the SCC will also be there. Michael Farnum, Alan Shimel, and Kurt Wismer are all SCC members who are also on the Symantec Council. I'm not sure if they will be there or not but I hope that they are so we can meet face to face. I've enjoyed the interaction I've had with them in the SCC and via email and our various blogs.

Lots of exciting things going on in the next few weeks. I hope that I have time to update you on what's going on and adding insight as I can.


kurt wismer said...

well, i guess then i should apologize in advance for whatever minor disappointment you experience by my not being at the symantec event...

if you've gotten any sense from my blog of the high standard i hold other people to then you can imagine the standard i hold myself to... given that and my rabidly independent anti-malware focus, the idea of accepting a trip to florida (or really anything one might ascribe value to) from an anti-malware company doesn't really sit right with me...

but that's just me... i encourage the rest of you guys to go on ahead and learn and contribute as much as you can...

Chris Carpinello said...

I had the opportunity to attend an ISSA sponsored half-day Hacking Exposed class in April. Carric Dooley's presentation was one of the more memorable and informative I've had the opportunity to participate in.

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