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Security's Everyman

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Blog Tagline

Last week I went to a luncheon put on by StillSecure and Force10 Networks. I was hoping that Shimel would be there but he had other commitments. I got to meet some great people with both companies, get a good, free meal and some swag. One of the things that they gave out was T-Shrits that had a quote on the front that I loved.

I like you. I just don't trust you.
I checked with Alan to make sure that it wasn't a company slogan and see if I could use it as the new tag line on my blog. It's not part of StillSecure's official slogan or anything and Alan said that they didn't have a problem with me using it. So it's now on my blog as the tag line.


Mike Rothman said...

That's great for you, since you probably actually do like most folks. But what if you are like me and don't like anyone. Except you, that is.

How about this one for my blog?

I don't like you, so go pound sand!

Andy, ITGuy said...

Ha! That's great but we all know that you are really a big teddy bear and this grumpy guy image is all a put on . :O

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