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Security's Everyman

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Long to "In The Trenches" Podcast

Back in 2005 I got my first IPod and discovered podcasts. I did a search for technology podcasts and one of the first, if not the first, one I found was In The Trenches with Kevin Devin and George Starcher. At the time I was truly "in the trenches" and found the content to be relevant and enjoyable to listen to. Even since moving out of the trenches I've continued to listen just because I felt that it was a quality show plus it helped to keep me grounded.

Well Kevin and George have decided to hang up the mic and have recorded and released the last episode of "In The Trenches". I know that I'm gonna miss hearing it every week and want to wish both Kevin and George all the best in their lives and careers.

Thanks Guys for all the hard work and good content.


Anonymous said...

What alternative podcast to "In the Trenches" do people recommend?

Andy, ITGuy said...

I've never listened to it but I hear that "Casting from the Server Room" is supposed to be a good and they focus on Sys Admin topics. You can also email Kevin or George and ask them what they recommend. The site is still up to get their contact info.

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