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Security's Everyman

Monday, December 17, 2007

The passing of a Music Legend

It's not often that I post something that is not Security or IT related but today I decided that this one was worth it. Yesterday morning (Sunday 12/16/07) Dan Fogelberg died of Advanced Prostate Cancer.

I grew up listening to his music and he was one of my favorite singer/songwriters. He wrote incredible lyrics and had a great way of making the music touch you and come alive. I don't think I have ever heard a song of his that I didn't like.

I remember when he released "High Country Snows" back in 1985. A friend lent me his cassette recording of it and I heard a song that has impacted me and been part of my life statement ever since then. The song is "The Higher You Climb". I'm going to post part of the lyrics here and hope that I don't get in trouble.

The higher you climb, the more that you see
The more that you see, the less that you know
The less that you know, the more that you yearn
The more that you yearn, the higher you climb

The farther you reach, the more that you touch
The more that you touch, the fuller you feel
The fuller you feel, the less that you need
The less that you need, the farther you reach
Those words have been in the back (and sometimes the front) of my mind for over 22 years and they have helped to push me to grow in whatever I do.

A couple of things to take from this are: 1) Listen to music that moves you and 2) if you are a male follow Dan's advice and get your Prostate checked regularly.

Dan you and your music will be missed.

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