Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Monday, September 11, 2006

Is it Monday already?

Where have the days gone? I haven't blogged since last Wednesday and it's 11:00 pm. I'm staying up late just to blog since it's been almost a week. The work week has been full of work stuff and the weekend full of family stuff.

Some of the highlights of the work week.
One of our guys had 3 laptops stolen from his car last weekend. They were all personal, but one of them he used at work and I had just finished building one to replace the one he used at work. On Tuesday he brought me a new MAC w/ Parallels and wanted Windows installed. Then he was unhappy because I wouldn't give him admin rights on the windows side of his machine. He kept saying it was his machine and that he should have admin rights. I kept telling him that it was my network and he shouldn't have them. I was finally able to explain why I wouldn't let him have admin rights.

One day on the way to the office my boss called and told me that he was running late and that I needed to get the communications meeting with our future core platform vendor started. I didn't know that we had a meeting and I was the main player from our company. Can we say "lack of communication"?

I also just finished a full and complete inventory of all 13 offices because over the last couple of years things have come and gone w/o any documentation. I can assure you that won't happen again as long as I'm there.

Such is the life of a small shop IT Pro.

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