Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New IE Flaw

It looks like the hype has started on the new IE VML Flaw. Many are predicting doom and despair for IE users. I hope they are wrong, but I'm glad that they are out there. Why? Because the louder they scream the more attention they will bring to this. Hopefully that will mean that more people will be careful with their web browsing habits. There needs to be more done though. Microsoft needs to take action long before the Oct. 10th patch Tuesday. It is inexcusable for them to delay on patching issues that have the potential to cause so much trouble. It may be porn sites now, but soon it could be other sites like the issue with Samsung not too long ago. There are too many web servers out there that are poorly maintained and protected for this not to be taken seriously.

My suggestion is that everyone either write, call, or email Microsoft and insist that they fix flaws that are of this magnitude immediately instead of waiting until the next patch cycle. We should also inform them that we have downloaded and installed FireFox and will continue to use it as our web browser until they start responding (of course by then you will like FireFox much better and keep using it).

The more dependent we become on the web to do business and life the more critical it is for ALL software vendors to be VERY responsive to vulnerabilities. It may be a matter of national security one day.

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