Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting on Diebold Machines

I voted today on a Diebold DRE Voting machine. I've voted on the same one in the past, but this time I paid close attention to the whole process. It was quick and painless. After I had completed the ballot I reviewed my selections to ensure that what it said it was going to register was what I really wanted. After feeling confident that I was going to cast the ballot that I desired to I pressed the the "Cast Ballot" button and away it went. Of course I have no idea what happened to it after that. It may have been intercepted by a malicious politician or someone from the Taliban who wants to ensure that democracy is thwarted. More than likely it was cast just as I voted, but ......

Sorry for the cynical comments, I know that this is a very serious subject that has to be addressed VERY soon. I have even gone on record with a few unflattering comments on the whole issue, especially in regard to the Diebold machines. Those who have taken this up as their call to arms need to continue to get the news out and the rest of us need to do the same. Those in a position to affect this directly either through policy or what ever need to do all in their power to ensure that things get done right. We need to pressure the politicians to enact regulations that have teeth and pressure the manufactures of the machines to do all the right things in regards to security and auditing.

I have faith that this will eventually have a happy ending. Even Hansel and Gretel had to go through some tough times prior to their happy ending.

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