Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Monday, February 05, 2007

Changing Phishing Bait

Over the last couple of days I've received 2 phishing emails that are seeking help with the transfer of funds from an account overseas that is in danger of being confiscated by the government. Nothing new there but the tactics are different than I have seen before. One was short and sweet.

Hello, I want you to act as the contract beneficiary of a contract executed here in Nigeria for the Federal government of Nigeria on the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) which the fund is presently in a commercial bank ready for immediate transfer. The funds in question is US$10m and we really need someone who can act as the contractor to claim the money. RESPOND FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION. Paul Adaka.

The other one was much longer and it appealed to my good Christian nature. No dead Willinghams who I could claim as my relatives. Just someone appealing for me to do the Christian thing and take her money before she dies and use it for God's work. I guess I'm a heartless wretch for not helping her. Oh well.

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LonerVamp said...

That Christian phish reminds me of my time in San Francisco. I worked some late nights in the downtown area and typically would walk home. One day this homeless guy comes up to me talking about Jesus and the Bible and basically appealing to the good side of the force in me. Unfortunately, I really had no money on me (I typically carried little to no money, besides I don't hand out money anyway on the street anyway) and told him sorry. Shortly after it was obvious he was getting nothing, I got quite the heated series of profanity and insults I'd heard in some time. Good game there, buddy.

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