Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thanks for buying a Coke, Andy

ComputerWorld is reporting that RFID enabled vending machines have been installed at the Atlanta Airport. They work with RFID enabled credit and debit cards. They say that the transactions are fast and secure.

What really caught my attention was that the data collected will be used for marketing purposes. Even the possibility of having personalized messages on the vending machine itself. I can see it now.
"I see that you usually eat a candy bar with your drink. May I suggest a Snickers Bar today?"

If that were true my wife would send a personalized message for them to use with me.
"Why are you eating junk? I thought you were going to start exercising!"

Maybe I don't like this idea after all.

1 comment:

SamVR said...

LOL - that was an excellent observation! Quite disconcerting - it really gives the feel of big brother!

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