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Friday, July 20, 2007

Final SunRocket Update

Something "official" finally happened from SunRocket. I received the email below yesterday telling me that it's over and that they enjoyed serving me. It also gives a few more details but nothing much.

The odd thing is that my sister still has not lost her phone service, my dad lost his on Wednesday and my service was restored last night.?????? Of course I have no idea how long it will work for. I still haven't decided what to do as far as my service goes. Do I continue with a similar VOIP provider (Packet8, ViaTalk, etc), go with my cable providers offering, go back to a land line provider.

Here is the email that SunRocket sent.

Dear Customers,

After significant effort by the Company to avoid this result, SunRocket is in the process of closing its operations and therefore will no longer be able to provide you with the phone service that you have been accustomed to. However, this email provides you with an opportunity to sign up with select service providers who we believe will offer outstanding replacement service

In order to assist you, we have entered into negotiations with a number of service providers. As a result of those negotiations, we have entered into agreements with 8x8, Inc., provider of the Packet8 service, and Unified Communications Corp., provider of Teleband service to offer you the best options and we are proud to recommend the following alternatives to you. Please make your decision to move to a new service provides immediately as future service is uncertain.


The Packet8 Internet phone service incorporates patent protected technology from 8x8. Inc., a publicly traded company in business for more than 20 years. The service works in the same way as SunRocket.s and offers a virtually identical feature set.

. No Startup Costs
. FREE activation
. FREE equipment
. FREE shipping
. FREE first month of service
. Quickly port your number at no charge

A Savings of over $100!

Copy and paste the following link into your Internet browser: or call 1-800-868-0068 and mention special offer code SUNROCKET

Unified Communications Corp./TeleBlend

The TeleBlend Internet phone service incorporates patent-protected technology from Unified Communications Corp., a privately held company in business to provide outstanding customer service and telephony products. Teleblends has been working behind the scenes already to restore and continue service for all Sun Rocket customers The service works in the same way as SunRocket.s and offers an identical feature set with our Unlimited Transfer Plan.
. No Startup Costs
. FREE activation
. USE your existing hardware
. FREE and Quick transfer of your current number
. No Need to port your number to another provider
. UNLIMITED calling to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

Copy and paste the following link into your Internet browser:

It has been our pleasure to service you at SunRocket!


Mark said...

I'm going with packet8. I got a great deal with where I got my cell phones and am quite pleased. Though I'm still really pissed off at SR.


Tech Angel said...

I've been using Packet8 for over 2 years and am really happy with it. They have gone up on their price recently (used to be $19.99, now its $24.99 monthly), so I considered switching to their annual $199 plan. I called about this and found out you still get a bill each month for "taxes and fees". Although this only amounts to about $5 a month, that does come to $60 a year.

I've decided to switch to, which has a $199 annual plan with no extra fees each month. You really can't go wrong with Packet8 though - they're really good.

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