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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



OK, I'm officially confused. I called my sister and my dad and they both have service. I thought that maybe SunRocket was forced to turn service back up until all current users can make other arrangements. So I called my house and I still do not have service.


About a year ago I signed up for VOIP home phone service with SunRocket. They had been around for a while and seemed to have a good track record. Voynage was starting to have issues so I decided to go w/ SunRocket. NOT A WISE CHOICE!

Last night I lost service and decided to wait until today to see what happened. Then this morning I saw this post on O'Riley. I did a little more investigating including calling their support line. It was before 7:00am Eastern Time so I got their voicemail. I just called back and got the following message.

Thank You for calling SunRocket. We are no longer taking sales or support calls. Goodbye.
That's it. No emails telling us what we need to do to be able to retain our number. No word on what happens to those who paid a yearly fee and still had months remaining. Nothing.

I consider myself lucky in that I was close to the end of my first year and only lost a month or so of prepaid service. My sister, on the other hand, just signed up in May and my Dad signed up in January. What are they to do?

Anyone interested in buying 3 relatively new SIP enabled VOIP boxes? :) Just kidding. They may make good project fodder. Maybe the guys at Pauldotcom will write a book on hacking them.

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Beau Woods said...

This is apparently some guy who used to work at SunRocket. He tells you how to get your number moved, as well as gives some other info.

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