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Security's Everyman

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CIS 2007 Update

You may remember that a few weeks back the folks that run the CSI 2007 conference were kind enough to offer me and 2 readers free admission to the conference. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but was able to give the 2 free passes away to readers. I asked them to send me a short synopsis of the event so I could post it for those who are interested in reading it.

The 2 winners were Sajeev Nair and Patrick Harrison. Sajeev attended and has included his report below. Patrick's registration apparently got messed up and when he got there they said "I know thee not, depart" So he went to work. Luckily he lives and works in Arlington, VA where the conference was held.

Here is Sajeev's report.

The conference was really good with great sessions and exhibitions. There was lot of opportunities for networking with peers and that is one of the primary reason I choose to attend such events. It is always good to know how others are doing and compare them with you practice and I think that is the best education you can get. The sessions covered pretty much all areas of Information Security but the ones I liked the most was on developing security metrics, it is one of the hot areas in Information Security and it was really informative. I also liked the session on "choosing Information Security as a career" where the speaker talked about different areas in Information Security and how to grow within this field. Information Security is becoming more and more of a business issue and one need to have the business skills to survive in this industry and this was one of the main difference I noticed in the CSI conference (from other security events), they not only had sessions on the technical areas of Information Security but also on the business areas like risk management, metrics, compliance etc. On the product front, I really liked the product from Gigamon.

Again, thanks for letting me attend the event and hope to meet at some other events.


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