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Security's Everyman

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The list of lists

Update: Please forgive the really bad title. I was taking this in a different direction and then decided to change and forgot to rename before posting. Oh well....

Lots has been going on lately. Things at work are still busy but I've been able to take some time and attend several good vendor presentations and the Atlanta InfraGard meeting. In the past week alone I've attended a WhiteHat luncheon where I got to meet my fellow Security Catalyst Bill Pennington. I went to the local InfraGard meeting, attended a Cisco Security Presentation and later today I'm going to a physical security event put on by Stanley (yep the tool guys).

It's actually been a pretty good use of my time even though it's also been a lot of my time. Of course in addition to the information that you get from listening to the talks the networking is always good. I've met lots of people who are either implementing something that I'm considering or who have experiences in something that I am working on. For example I met a lady who has gone through a very similar experience to my current work position and turned her organizations security program into one that is looked at as a leader in that industry. Of course her industry and mine are miles apart, but her experiences and insight will be an asset to me as I continue to evolve our security program.

On a completely non-security note I did have a bit of good fortune at the Cisco event yesterday. They were giving away a door prize (as most always happens) but it wasn't the typical IPOD or USB key. They were giving away a Roboraptor remote control dinosaur. My name was drawn and I won! What a cool toy! I haven't played w/ it yet but I did do a little research on it and WOW! If this thing is a fun as it looks...... Of course I have decided that instead of keeping if for myself I'm going to give it to my nephew for Christmas. Although my daughters really like it. I think they may change their minds once it's out of the box and my nephew chases them around the room with it. :)

There is some pretty exciting things going on at work that also has me pumped. Management has decided to get behind security and I think that some of the ideas and plans that I have will have a very good chance to be implemented over the next year. That always brings a smile to my face. Also there were some pretty big changes made that has solidified the network infrastructure team. That will be key to many projects that we have on tap. All of which I get to get my hands on in one way or another.

One last thing, I found a new blog today thanks to Andrew Hay. It looks pretty interesting and I wanted to pass it on to y'all. It's part of the MSDN blog lineup. What caught my eye was the series on Web App Security. Imagine being concerned about that. :)

Oh yeah, a couple more "one last things". I had an opportunity to talk with both Andrew Hay and Rebecca Herold recently about some things that are going on in the Security Catalysts Community and I wanted to say that talking to them really pumped me up. I love talking to people who are passionate about what they do, especially when Security is what they do. While I'm speaking of passion and security I can't help but think about my friend Michael Santarcangello. While he has been very busy with his company and quiet on the blog front lately he has put out some good stuff in the last few days. I'd encourage you to check out his latest podcast and blog post on email privacy. You can find both of them here.


Rob said...

As a new sys-admin, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoy your blog. It's a daily reader for me!

Andy, ITGuy said...

Thanks Rob! I appreciate your encouragement!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Andy; it was great talking with you also! :)

I look forward to more discussions...there is certainly a lot to talk about!


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