Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 7th way the Starbucks-AT&T deal will change mobility

ComputerWorld has an article "6 ways the Starbucks-AT&T deal will change mobility". They failed to list the 7th (actually probably it's the first) way it will change mobility.

  • More laptops will be pwned.

Now access is free for thousands of people who wouldn't pay the $30 to $40 a month that T-Mobile charged. That means that every person with a laptop that lives near a Starbucks and is an AT&T broadband customer will go there to access the Internet. Their laptops are not hardened. They have no idea how to protect themselves or that they need to protect themselves. They will conduct financial transactions and someone will be waiting to sniff their traffic, hack their system, or convince them to connect to a rogue AP.

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LonerVamp said...

Being a person who likes to sit in hotspots and see what people are doing, I can definitely attest that many people do insecure things. It's scary that my own execs and sales people will do the same things. Education won't help if that's simply what they want to do; they'll do what they want to do.

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