Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Real Life Awareness

Here's a great user awareness story from real life.

My wife and I just finished attending a 4 week long Sunday School class on Parenting Preshoolers. Yesterday the girl who was the class coordinator sent out an email to the whole class. She ended the class with the following statement

"If any of you are interested, please let me know and I will email her your email address. I did not want to send everyone's address to everyone without their consent."

If you stop to think about it you will know where this is going. :) When I looked at the "to" address sure enough there was each and every address for the whole class. I couldn't help but smile. It sort of has a happy ending though. A few minutes later she sent out a follow up email
"I apologize for not hiding the addresses in the last email. I meant to press a different button but hit send before I could correct it. Sorry."

So either she realized what she did or someone else pointed it out to her. Either way I was impressed with the fact that she was aware of the fact that she should not have just sent out every ones email address w/o their permission. Way too often people just forward emails with the address of everyone in their address book w/o thinking about it. I'd like to know where she learned about the need to hide addresses. I saw her last night and we had a good laugh over this I wish I'd asked her then. Was this something that she learned from a work User Awareness program? Did her husband pass this on to her? Maybe a friend told her about it. Either way it's a good that she know it and that she puts it into practice..........usually.

I sent her a reply and told here that with her permission I'd like to use her in my blog. Of course I assured her that I'd not reveal her name or email address........unless I forgot. :)

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