Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New (at least to me) SPAM Vector

Has anyone seen much of this? I've been getting lots of "Yahoo Groups" spam in the last couple of weeks. Usually I immediately delete it but this morning I decided to investigate a little further. Here is the text of today's message. has invited you to join the BUILD_YOUR_WAYS_TO_EARN_AT_HOME group!


Are you tired of finding a job? apllying
to a large company and still unrecognized
your ability of doing work.
How about putting the work at home and let
those company paid you at home?

A Simple Step By Step System
For Selling Your Online Marketing Skills
To Businesses Right In
Your Local City

Being a Complete Stranger to Putting Checks
in Your own Pocket.

To your Success,

Nicole R.
Success Builder Team

I've masked part of the top url to keep others from going to it but I wanted to point out something. Notice that the first part is "ww.creat". That is how it originally was and then they started a new word. I'm assuming (based upon the rest of the url) that they were wanting to say "create" but if you look at the rest of the message and see the grammar you will understand. :)

Fortunately for those who received the message the link failed to contain the actual link so you can't click on it and be taken to where ever it takes you. Of course you could still manually go there, but if you do that you probably deserve never mind. I did do a google search on because I've never heard of it before and it appears to be a spanish language url shortening service. Anyone know anything about it's legitimacy?

I just wanted to see if any of the rest of you have seen this and what your take on it is. Let me know if you have any insight.

P.S. Nicole R - If you are on the Success Team maybe you should look into taking some English as a second language and grammar lessons.

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