Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Thursday, February 07, 2008

If I had a nickel for every patch

UPDATE: I'm now up to over $3!!!!!!

I'd have 75 cents today alone (hey, in a possible recession every penny counts). Today the following Companies announced patches for their software.

  1. Microsoft has 12 patches coming out next week on Patch Tuesday.
  2. Adobe has a patch for Acrobat Reader.
  3. Apple has a patch for Quicktime.
  4. Sun has a patch for Java SE 6.

Luckily for most these are all apps that have auto patching capabilities and usually they are turned on. This is a good time to remember to check the other software on your systems that don't have auto patching.

I also seem to remember that Skype just released a patch and Apple released a patch for IPhoto so that takes me up to 80 cents. I wonder what's in the couch under the cushions. :) If I go back a few weeks I'm well over a dollar and possibly pushing 2 dollars.

Just remember to keep your systems patched and keep an eye out for that forgotten application and update it also. While you're at it check your DSL/Cable modem, wireless or wired router, printer, and anything that can connect to a computer or network. Check out for more information on imbedded device security.


SteveM said...

Hey Andy -

In my experience the auto patching capabilities of Adobe, Apple Quicktime, Sun, etc. either do not fire unless you are running as Administrator or if they do fire the installation fails if your not administrator. I usually logon my systems as admin occasionally just so I can get these updates.


Andy, ITGuy said...

Good Point Steve. In my mind I was thinking of the "typical" home user who usually is an admin. Thanks for catching that.

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