Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hiding in public places

I have a friend who is in hiding, sort of. He is hiding from a bad relationship and has left the state. He left because his new spouse lives and works in another state, but he was glad to leave the state. He was really worried about the ex. Of course I know where he is because we keep in touch. From time to time I do various web based searches to see if I can find him and up till recently I was unable to locate him on the web. Pretty good considering how easy it is to find most anything on anybody.

Well the other day I was on MySpace (I know, but I have a brother in law in the military and he won't communicate any other way) and I decided to look up a couple of friends. As I was looking at some of their friends who do I see but my hiding friend. Right there in plain view for all the world to see. His name and location were all faked, but you can't hide your face on a picture. Again I had to go back to my "I just don't understand". All that work to hide and he was hiding in public. Needless to say I got in touch with him and informed him that he had been found and that he probably should put up a different picture.

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