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Security's Everyman

Monday, January 08, 2007

Benefits of blogging

I started blogging because I felt that I had something to say and I wanted a way to get it out to others who may be interested. I doubt if I've made any earth shaking posts but it has become something that I have come to enjoy and look forward to. I know that during the month of December I had a slow down due to my schedule and then the last 2 weeks of the year when most blogger's did the same I almost went through withdrawals. There wasn't much to read and I found myself really missing it.

It has also allowed me the pleasure of reading a pre-release copy of The Pragmatic CSO my Mike Rothman. Participate in the Still Secure After All These Years year end podcast. The best thing is that I have made contact with lots of really great security professionals in many different security arenas.

This weekend I discovered another benefit of blogging. Back in November I blogged about my unhappiness with Barracuda Networks tech support. (here and here) I got several comments from people on my posts and a couple of others blogged about their experiences or thoughts on this topic. Well yesterday I got an email from the founder of Barracuda networks. He had read my posts and wanted to know if everything was ok now and if I had any other issues.

Now this doesn't change my attitude on their tech support and it may not make their tech support any more responsive, but knowing that my concerns and complaints have been heard by the big guys makes it worth the time it took to write the posts. Now all I can do is hope that they take my feedback, both from the posts and what I said in my email to him, and use it to improve their tech support. I guess only time will tell and honestly I hope that I don't ever have to call them. Of course I hope that I never have to call any vendors tech support.

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Bes said...

You gave a good example of why having a reason or passion for blogging results in us getting something in return. It's interesting that company executives respond to such complaints, and it somehow helps the company's reputation. I recently contacted the USPS and Time Warner and even directed posts to them. They did not respond, unfortunately.

Yes, such things make it worthwhile for many to write posts. Thanks for sharing.

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