Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Monday, January 08, 2007

Project Updates

I'm on my way back to Atlanta from Va Beach and using the time to write several posts. [Rich C., this is one way to maintain a blog while busy. :)] I made some phone calls on Friday and was able to get confirmation that Cisco will ship my routers tomorrow (Monday). That makes me feel much better. If hoping to get approval to have them sent overnight so we can start configuring them Tuesday and get them installed starting Thursday. That way I can get this part of the project completed and focus on the domain rollout and a lot of the petty things that have to be done.

Early on I was hoping that I'd get everything done early and still make RSA, but that won't happen. Even if I do have everything in place, tested and ready to go the follow-up and post project support will not allow me to leave. Actually that translates into "I couldn't get my CIO to approve me leaving that soon after implementing all these major changes.

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