Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Monday, January 08, 2007

Finished the Pragmatic CSO

Well, I was able to finish the Pragmatic CSO on my flight to Virginia on Friday evening. I must say that, just as many others have already said, this is required reading for anyone who is either in Security Management, those who desire to move into Security Management or even those who just work in Security. The concepts that Mike talks about and teaches are beneficial at several levels.

I don't think that anything that he says is new or groundbreaking but it puts the key concepts into a place and format that are easily accessible and learnable. After reading it through fairly quickly I can't tell you all 12 steps but I can remember concepts from them all. I plan on reading it through again at a slower pace and take notes so that I can keep them posted at my desk and in my server room.

Many have commented on the price and I have to admit that at first it caught me off guard, but then as I thought back on other books that deal with Security Management I have seen plenty of them that were well over $100. After reading it I know that it is worth the price and even more. I can honestly say that if my free PDF copy was set to self destruct in 30 days I would dig into my wallet and pay the $97 to be able to have it at my disposal for future reference.

Mike, Great job my friend. I look forward to other things that you put out in the future.

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