Security's Everyman

Security's Everyman

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OK, it's officially panic time. In one month my work life will have changed drastically. By Feb 2 at the VERY latest I have to have the following projects completed.

  1. New WAN circuits installed, equipment configured and tested. Still waiting on Routers. If anyone has any pull at Cisco PLEASE ask them to put a super rush on my order.
  2. New Domain built, secured, tested. This includes about 15 servers and 100 workstations.
  3. Associated equipment and security to allow the new domain and the existing domain to talk.
  4. New physical security systems. both alarm and video.
  5. Exchange Server upgrade to handle additional users.
Much of this can be prepped ahead of time but the actual swap out of PCs has to be done on the 2nd. Once we get past the initial phase we can then focus on the "ancillary" projects that have to be completed shortly after that. Why does this justify a "panic" time? Mainly because of a shortage of manpower and the fact that my Cisco order is still up in the air on at delivery date. It's hard to connect remote offices w/o equipment. Plus due to the fact that we are a small company I have over site responsibilities in other areas that don't fall under Security or IT even. These things also require planning and coordination time if not actual "hands on" time.

All that said if you don't hear from me much hopefully you will understand. I'm hoping to blog about many of the experiences.


LonerVamp said...

Good luck with all of that! At least if the routers are late, they shouldn't impact getting the new domain done and least so goes my thinking with my limited info. ;)

richcasto said...

So how do you have time to maintain a blog if you're so busy? ;)

Andy, ITGuy said...

Rich, it's just in my blood. Kinda like breathing. I get light headed when I don't it.

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